Historical mansion


since 18th century in Bari

The oldest part of Villa de Grecis dates back to the late 18th century, when de Grecis family moved from Trani to Bari and made the mansion his summer residence.


Over the years there have been some improvements, most notably the beautiful 19th century tower.

Personally designed by Giuseppe de Grecis - great-grandfather of the family and architect - who wanted to seize the stimulus of modernity, anticipating futurism and donating further originality to the structure, in line with the style of the historical Villa and coherent to the harmony of the pre-existing spaces.


The Villa is a place of unique stories that come to new life in its transformation.

From the Nazi occupation which made it German headquarters in Bari to its new role of charming historic residence destined to prestigious events, civil wedding, conferences, exhibitions and wedding parties in Apulian style for all the couples that choose it from all Italy and abroad.