Villa de Grecis is a prestigious location situated in the heart of Bari, just a few minutes from the city centre. Immersed in its splendid park, it is a special place that expresses a harmonious fusion of architecture and nature. The special care of the garden comes from the passion of Antonio de Grecis. From the beginning of the 20th century, with the spirit of a “brilliant green architect”, he selected every species with infinite care, like an art collector.


Art and greenery are the guiding threads of the Villa: works of art enrich every corner of the buildings, from the halls to the stairs, while the park is rich in historical specimens over a hundred years old.

Villa De Grecis - Sala Ricevimenti Bari
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Over the years, from 1842 to 1903, the Villa was the protagonist of various interventions that brought about enchanting improvements, such as the construction of the beautiful nineteenth-century tower. It was personally designed by Giuseppe de Grecis – the family’s great-great-grandfather and architect – who wanted to seize the stimuli of modernity, anticipating the paths of futurism and giving the structure a touch of further originality, in continuity with the style of the Villa and in keeping with the harmony of the pre-existing spaces.


Over the centuries, the Villa has been the site of unique stories, which have marked its continuous transformation. From the Nazi occupation, which made it the German headquarters in Bari, to its new guise as an enchanting historic residence destined for prestigious events, conventions, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, civil ceremonies and weddings in Apulian style for the couples who choose it from the rest of Italy and abroad.

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The transformation has always taken place with respect for the architecture. In 2010, the Villa and its splendid park located in the centre of Bari were restored with respect and adapted to modern standards. Today, all the rooms are equipped with the technology needed to organize any kind of event: skilful lighting, Bose amplification, projectors controlled by an advanced automation system and much more.


The oldest part of Villa de Grecis dates back to the end of the 18th century, when the family of the same name moved from Trani to Bari and made the residence their summer residence, buying an old farmhouse in the countryside just outside the city. Today, Villa de Grecis is an integral part of Bari and has numerous indoor and outdoor spaces that are well suited to any kind of event: at the front, the dense trees form a welcoming and private natural amphitheatre around the courtyard in front of the residence. The Orangerie, a modern and welcoming structure immersed in the 19th century park, is situated in the rear part, characterised by a large lawn, shaped by the ancient walls of the “hortus inclusus”.


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