How to ask her to marry you ?????

How to ask her to marry you ?????

If you are in love and sure you want to spend the rest of your life with your loved one, now is the right time to ask her to marry you! But if you don’t know how to do it, here are some original ideas and useful tips to pronounce the famous formula: will you marry me?

A not very discreet and certainly flashy proposal could be the road one, complete with a written declaration on the asphalt or on advertising posters. A little more expensive but certainly effective would be to do it with the purchase of a newspaper page, or even organize a flash mob with your friends and colleagues. More traditional and classic is the proposal with a bouquet of flowers, kneeling at sunset or by the sea, or during a candlelit dinner. The proposal under the Christmas tree remains very romantic, or even with a banner in the sky hanging from an airplane while you are on vacation. A nice idea could be to recall a date or place of your first kiss, a poetic way to get lost in memories. Music is also a fundamental ingredient of all love stories, so you could use your song or the most significant ones to help you ask for her hand. For every man, going shopping is not a pleasant thing but after clearing your throat and taking the microphone from the cash desks, the whole supermarket will stop for a few seconds, which will seem like years to you, and with all the naturalness that distinguishes you. you will say the fateful question. A valid alternative in the age of social networks could be a sponsored post on Facebook, choosing target, geographical area and with a simple call to action: “Marry me, click here!”

So, what are you waiting for to amaze her?

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