Marriage at Villa de Grecis, apotheosis of love

Marriage at Villa de Grecis, apotheosis of love

Over the centuries, novelists and poets, artists and philosophers, psychologists and sculptors have tried. However, no one has ever managed to vividly represent what love is in a work or in words.

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Yet all, or almost all, we have experienced even for a single moment that sensation and, together with it, the desire to seal it in the most romantic way: exchanging with the loved one the promise to make that feeling eternal.

With some pride, we can say that over the years we have seen that feeling and sparkle in the eyes of so many lovers, contributing with our attention and the charm of the Villa to making many days unforgettable for many couples.

Whether it’s a wedding or a civil ceremony, we are at your disposal to accompany you from the beginning to the end of the day you become a family. It will be an honor to be by your side and experience with you the magic of a day in which, we are sure, you will fulfill your desire for happiness. We will also be attentive to your guests, pampering them at every moment from the welcome drink to the end of the party.

Many have tried to explain what love is, no one has ever succeeded. We have never dared to look for suitable words to describe it, but we have chosen to be there with you when, eye to eye, you decide to promise it eternally. A dream in the place of dreams.

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