So many reasons to get married on Valentine’s Day

So many reasons to get married on Valentine’s Day

One of the first thoughts of future spouses is the choice of date, but finding the right compromise that takes into account various variables, from the availability of the location to those of the newlyweds, relatives and friends is very complicated. Remember: it’s your day and the decision is yours alone!

Also get ready to listen to phrases relating to the seasonal choice, such as: “in summer? It’s very hot! “,” In winter, how sad, it’s cold! “, And in spring” what time is it, but if it rains? “, Autumn then” the worst time to celebrate a wedding, it’s so gray! ” .

So why not choose the day of lovers par excellence? Valentine’s Day!

Just think that, every year, in New York only fourteen couples have the privilege of getting married on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building on the day dedicated to lovers.

This day will certainly be little contested by the guests, who will celebrate an unusual Valentine’s Day, and will give you a truly romantic and sentimental atmosphere.

Red will be the dominant color and will be the leitmotif of the event. But be careful, to create a special wedding it is necessary to choose original decorations and floral compositions, in order not to be obvious and banal. The heart is the first shape that comes to mind, but it is not necessary to exceed it, otherwise we will lose sight of the elegance and refinement of the ceremony. Some references in the tableau, for the sugared almond and on the wedding cake will be sufficient details!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wedding!

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